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Services for Repair & Installation of Hot Water Tanks in Edmonton

Did you wake up and jump in the shower expecting a refreshing, soothing stream of hot water only to be met by icy glacier water? Were you surprised when your monthly gas bill skyrocketed for no apparent reason? Is your lukewarm tap water making it hard to scrub your dishes to the sparkling shine you want?


We can help you! Hot water tanks are a necessity, not a luxury, especially in the chilling winters of Edmonton. Amyotte’s Plumbing & Heating can restore your hot water and happiness! Our technicians are skilled and trained to work with all major types of water heaters. We help you lower your energy costs and make life easy by fixing your malfunctioning heater in Edmonton without making you wait. Our emergency plumbing services are available 24/7 so that your water is always at the right temperature.

Trust Our Water Heater Experience

With experience of over 45 years in business, we know how to fix your problem effectively and promptly. Our technicians have worked on most brands and types of hot water tanks in Edmonton and understand the job well. Whether your hot water tank is leaking or not heating the water enough, we can provide an effective solution.


We understand that hot water is a basic necessity for everyone. You can also contact us for financing options and payment plans. 


When you’re caught in an unexpectedly icy shower, call us for an efficient, cost-effective solution!­

Why Choose Us

Who has all day to wait for a plumber or a technician to get a faucet fixed? We understand your concern and offer you prompt services so that you do not waste your time waiting around for a technician who won’t show up. We arrive within a three-hour window. You should choose us because we:

Are efficient
Value your time
Offer same-day emergency plumbing repairs
Provide guaranteed repairs for one year

Refreshing Showers

We understand your need for a hot shower after a long day at work and can do everything to help you get that.

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