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Effective Water Treatment Solutions in Edmonton

Clean water is everyone’s requirement. The first and foremost step to extend the life of your HVAC equipment is by getting access to clean water. Hard water can clog your water heater and plumbing fixtures resulting in damage. Not only this, but hard water build-up can also cause hair loss, dandruff and skin issues. Amyotte’s Plumbing & Heating is available to help you with water treatment solutions in Edmonton. We are associated with Novo™ to provide you with quality products that can prevent and remove hard water build-up. Our water conditioner systems help in:

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Improving the taste of water
Resolving skin and hair issues
Removing limescale
Maintaining water pressure by preventing clogging of pipes
Eliminating watermarks on objects
Increasing the lifespan of electronic devices
And more

Protecting Your Assets

Protect your biggest investments by fixing the water that ‘breaks them’! At Amyotte’s Plumbing & Heating, we:

Test your water treatment system
Resupply the solution used within the system

Please give us a call to learn more about the differences between this system and other water softeners.

Why Choose Us

Who has all day to wait for a plumber or a technician to get a faucet fixed? We understand your concern and offer you prompt services so that you do not waste your time waiting around for a technician who won’t show up. We arrive within a three-hour window. You should choose us because we:

Are efficient
Value your time
Offer same-day emergency plumbing repairs
Provide guaranteed repairs for one year

Don’t Worry about Limescale

With our effective water treatment solutions, you can extend the lifespan of your water heater and plumbing fixtures.

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