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Why Is There a Bad Odour Coming from the Drain?

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Did you notice a foul odour coming from the bathroom or kitchen? The reason might be your drains! Smelly drains are usually caused by faulty traps, organic matter build-up or mould. So, how do you locate the cause? And how can you fix it to ensure your home is safe and stink-free? Keep reading to learn more.


Sewer Gases

You’ll notice a u-shape bend pipe when you look under the sink. This is called the p-trap. It’s designed to prevent sewer gasses from seeping into your bathroom or kitchen, trap debris, and prevent clogs.


Typically the water collects around the curve so sewer gas cannot escape through the drain. However, gas emerges when the water is missing and causes that stinky odour. Several drainage issues can cause the water to go missing. These include leaks and water evaporation. Inspect the surrounding area for any signs of leaks, including distortion or discoloration. Try pouring water down the drain to fill the trap if you don't find any.


As you inspect your pipes, be sure to run your exhaust fan or open up some windows to help filter the smell out of your home. If sewage gas is the cause, airing out your home will prevent any dangerous build-up. 


Bacteria Build-up

Toothpaste, dish soap, and food debris are just some of the things we put down our drains. All of this matter can collect and form a stinky, bacteria-ridden sludge that coats our pipes. 


While some bacteria can be good, too much build-up can lead to clogged pipes. When it comes to cleaning smelly drains, you can try a few things. These include pouring boiling water down the drain or snaking the drain. 


If these don't work, you can also try pouring a cup of baking soda into the drain. Wait a bit, then follow up with a cup of white vinegar. Wait again, then finish by pouring in hot water. 


It's important not to push the clog deeper. If the clog becomes too severe, it's time to call Amyotte's for a professional drain cleaning


Unused Drains

In some cases, not using your drains for an extended period can cause a trap to go dry. Fill your trap with water to try and block those foul odours from escaping.


Sometimes, organic matter will dry within an unused pipe. This can cause a nasty smell and clogged pipes. If you start to hear gurgling, it's time to clean your pipe. 


Tackling the Smell Early

Now that you know some common causes of a stinky sewage smell in your pipes, you can go tackle the problem. Fixing a smelly drain doesn't have to be a hassle, especially with the help of a plumbing professional.


Contact Amyotte’s Plumbing and Heating for assistance. We'll make sure your home stays free from funky odours and dangerous gasses!



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