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Sump Pump Repair & Installation in Edmonton, Sherwood Park & Beaumont

A plumbing emergency can emerge at any time. Imagine getting ready for an important meeting at work and being disrupted by flooding in your basement. A sump pump is a crucial instrument that helps protect your basement from flooding by rerouting water away from it, especially in heavy rainfall. Routine maintenance and inspections can keep it functioning well throughout the year.


Amyotte’s Plumbing & Heating LTD offers sump pump repair and installation in Edmonton, Sherwood Park and Beaumont. Our plumbers are trained in regular maintenance and inspection services to keep your sump pumps running. We will not let your work days or holidays get disrupted by basement flooding.


We are a certified plumbing company that can offer you quality solutions when facing water damage with experience in repairing and installing sump pumps from all major brands.

Replacing Your Old Sump Pump

If your sump pump is old, it is better to replace it with a certified plumbing company. Our technicians are trained to install sump pumps and get the job done as soon as possible. We offer honest and accurate advice to help you buy the right sump pump for your needs. Amyotte’s Plumbing & Heating LTD also offers emergency sump pump repair services throughout Edmonton, Sherwood Park and Beaumont.

Benefits of Installing a Sump Pump

If your house has a basement or any space below the ground level, a sump pump becomes necessary to shield your basement from flooding and several other damages. Below we have listed some crucial benefits homeowners can get with the sump pump installation.

Prevent flooding in basements

During heavy rain, there is a high risk of flooding in basements. A sump pump installed in the sump pit helps homeowners divert the water from their property before it reaches the basement.

Prevent the growth of fungi

Areas with torrential rain or high water table have a potential risk of water seeping into your basement and increasing humidity. Damp spaces in your basement can become a breeding ground for fungi, mould and algae.

Save you from an electrical fire

When water floods into your basement, it damages your electrical appliances. This damage can lead to a short circuit, resulting in an electrical fire outbreak. Install a sump pump today to protect your family from this disastrous situation.

Increase in your property value

Buyers want to invest in properties where they don’t have to worry about basement flooding, leakages, and improper sewage systems. A well-maintained sump pump system assures buyers of safety, durability, and no extra cost, which increases the value of your property.

Partner with Amyotte’s Plumbing & Heating LTD for reliable sump pump services in Edmonton, Sherwood Park & Beaumont. Contact us today for commercial and residential services.

Potential Issues with a Sump Pump

Lack of maintenance or old age of the sump pump can create many problems for you. It is highly recommended to homeowners to provide regular maintenance to a sump pump for effortless and smooth service. Check out the potential issues of the sump pump below:

Wrong size sump pump

If the size is incorrect, the efficiency will be affected. If the sump pump is smaller, water will overflow the sump pit, and the basement will be flooded.

Clogged or frozen pipe

When the pipe is blocked or frozen due to debris, water extraction will not occur; hence the sump pump will not work.

Power outage

Excessive rainfall can cause a power outage in your area, and the sump pump will not work with a lack of power.

Poor installation

When the sump pump is installed improperly, it can lead to recurring problems and inefficiency.

Why Choose Us

Who has all day to wait for a plumber or a technician to get a faucet fixed? We understand your concern and offer you prompt services so that you do not waste your time waiting around for a technician who won’t show up. We arrive within a three-hour window. You should choose us because we:

Are efficient
Value your time
Offer same-day emergency plumbing repairs
Provide guaranteed repairs for one year

Prepare for the Rainy Season

A malfunctioning sump pump cannot remove water in the event of heavy rainfall.

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